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Lynx In Action

Lynx computer-based panic alarm system has been and is 100% reliable-we stake our employees’ lives on it.  The system is easy to setup and use, and the tech support is always immediate.  A+ rating! 

– Frank H.


Lynx provides cost effective solutions whether you are trying to add duress capabilities to critical areas, or if you want to give all employees peace of mind  knowing that help that help is just two keystrokes away.

Duress-F9-F11 (911)

With the Lynx System, employees have the ability to perform monthly test, which enables them to react calmly in stressful situations.

Duress- Wireless Panic Button

Wireless locating panic buttons have up to a five foot accuracy and only transmit the button location when activated.

Mass Notification

In an emergency, it is critical to transmit information to your general population.  Lynx mass Notification alarms can be pre-configured or include dynamic information assed at the time of alarm activation.

Mass Notification - Wall Mounted Button

Wall mounted buttons can either be hardwired or wireless, making installation simple.  Any alarm input can be configured to activate any group of output devices.

Mass Notification - Weather Alert

LynxMessenger popup alerts can be sent to as many as 20,000 computers in seconds.

Mass Notification - Bolo

The ability to customize the text images of an alarm at activation time gives your personnel the ability to communicate critical information quickly.