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Transportation offer some unique concerns both for employees and visitors – many of whom may never have been in the facility before and may only be there for a short time.  Whether it is severe weather pr any pf the other potential emergencies in a transportation facility it is critical to provide timely and accurate information and instructions to the public throughout all phases of an emergency situation.  This may also involve language barriers, visitors with disabilities who may be traveling alone. 

Providing safer travel outlets

Transportation Hubs have a lot of technology that can be utilized to integrate with Lynx-there is the digital signage everywhere, an overhead PA system, security staff with radios-with the push of a button, an alarm from an access control system you can automate communication across platforms instantly and clearly, with the ability to send out updates.  In some transportation facilities security use text pagers and it is a mandated that the access control alarms are communicated to security staff via these devices in a timely manner-door/gate propped open etc.  Have questions on how the Lynx Systems can help secure your Transportation facilities?  

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