On-Premise Solution

The LynxGuide System Server is available as a turnkey server with the LynxGuide software preloaded on a Raid server, configured and tested for quick installation of the system.   Each PC client software installation of the LynxIcon, LynxMessenger, LynxMessengerPro, LynxKey, LynxKeyPro or LynxUSB uses a client seat.  Separate facilities with 100 or more clients require a LynxGuide server per facility or an Enterprise multi-site licensed solution.  The optional Server to Server module enables communication between LynxGuide application servers.

Turn-key Server

  • Pre-installed
  • Pre-configured
  • Tested for quick installation on a customer’s network

Customer Supplied Server

  • Physical or Virtual
  • Local and remote SQL database supported
  • A Lynx technician will install and test server applications

Hosted Solution

Stratus-Lynx is a hosted, software as a service, Duress and Mass Notification solution.  The LynxGuide server resides in the AWS cloud so IT does not need to provision or maintain a local server.  An annual connection subscription per computer, LynxNet device, or third party integration, is all that is required to provide your facility with Duress and Mass Notification functionality. All LynxClient functionality is available with each annual subscription. 

Hosted & Maintained by Lynx Technicians

  • Annual connection Subscription per computer or LynxNet device is required 
  • TLS encryption
  • No local network ingress required
  • Fully supervised
  • Monthly testing

Managed Solution (optional) Lynx Technician will:

  • Configure alarms
  • Manage outputs/contacts
  • Maintain & update the locations of computers

LynxClient Software

Each function can be enabled, disabled or put in a dormant mode from the LynxGuide web interface.


LynxClient features that work when users are logged in include:

  • LynxKey
  • LynxMessenger
  • LynxIcon

Pro features that work when the user is logged in, logged off, or computer is locked include:

  • LynxKeyPro
  • LynxMessengerPro
  • LynxUSB

Lynx Task Icon Tray

Locating Laptops

work, typing, computer



LynxKeyPro can be used on Laptops with the user defined location prompt feature

  • LynxClient software detects a possible location change
  • Popoup prompts employee to update location



LynxKeyPro Operates when Computer is:

  • Logged In
  • Logged Out
  • Locked

Server Specifications

 “I would recommend this suite of software for any organization especially schools that need a solution for classroom, office security and site notification and signaling.”

– B Metcalf

Overview & Network Diagrams