Threats, violence, constraints, or other action brought to bear on someone to do something against their will or better judgment.

LynxKey & LynxKeyPro

  • Silent Duress Alarm
  • 2-key Combination Keyboard Activation
  • Provides User Location
  • Discreet Alarm Sent Verification


  • Logged In
  • Logged Out
  • Locked

Duress Alarm - Utilizing the F9 & F11 (911)

Lynx provides cost effective solutions whether you are trying to add duress capabilities to critical areas, or if you want to give employees the peace of mind of knowing that help is just two keystrokes away.

Duress Alarm - Utilizing the Wireless Duress Button

Wireless locating panic buttons have to a five foot accuracy and only transmit the button location when activation.  Small enough to be carried on your person, it can be activated easily and discreetly. 

Locating Laptops

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LynxKeyPro can be used on Laptops with the user defined location prompt feature

  • LynxClient software detects a possible location change
  • Popoup prompts employee to update location



LynxKeyPro Operates when Computer is:

  • Logged In
  • Logged Out
  • Locked


  • Hub style panic button plugs into the USB port on Windows based Computers.
  • Can be either Momentary or Locking button.
  • Monthly Test Feature helps ensure training, accurate location and functionality.
  • Works while PC is logged in, logged out or locked.