Hosted Duress and Emergency Notification Solution.

Stratus-Lynx is a hosted, software as a service, Duress and Emergency Notification solution. All LynxClient software and hardware devices initiate a connection to the LynxGuide server at, so IT does not need to provision or maintain a local server. An annual connection subscription per computer or a LynxNet device is all that is required to provide your facility with Duress and Emergency Notification functionality. All LynxClient functionality is unlocked with each annual subscription.

Stratus Key Points

• TLS Encryption
• Fully Supervised
• Easily Tested
• Windows Stratus-Lynx subscription includes LynxKeyPro (F9-F11), LynxIcon, LynxMessengerPro, and Lynx-USB (requires purchase of hardware).
• Mac Stratus-Lynx subscription includes LynxIcon and LynxMessenger
• Managed Service Option – Do you want panic buttons without having to manage the day to day setup? Ask about Managed subscriptions.
• All network traffic is client initiated.
• No local network ingress required.
• Client MSI is easy to install manually or with software distributions tools.