Manufacturing facilities have to worry about not only  natural but also man made emergencies – Severe weather, fires, toxic gas releases, chemical spills, etc. 

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Making safer environments for plant workers

Often in manufacturing there is a limited amount of infrastructure to tie into so possibly a need for adding a PA system and strobes as there are often a limited number of computers in this environment.  There are however often existing large digital displays that Lynx can integrate with.  Another problem may be language barriers where color coding and symbols are universal or pre-recorded messages in different languages may be critical.  Supervisors are also often very mobile so having the LynxApp on cell phones to activate alerts is key whether they are at the plant or on their way into work.  Access control systems may not be monitored and the ability to automate alarms to radios or mobile phones can be a huge benefit.   Have questions on how the Lynx Systems can help secure your Manufacturing facilities?