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As with any office building setting, there are a variety of emergency concerns in Government.  Workplace violence is either employees, former employees, or external to an organization-individuals whose only link to the organization quickly and easily helps us realize the need to be aware of the issue while possibly adjusting access to the facility. Have questions on how the Lynx Systems can help secure your Government facilities?  


Louis Huang, “Burlington County has been using Lynx wireless Alarm system for many years.  We have placed these Alarm buttons throughout our main buildings and complexes, which houses courtrooms, law enforcement agencies, government officials and employees, and offices and departments open to the public.  These buttons have been very essential to the safety and security of our staff, as when pressed, sends an alert by text message, on-screen, and radio within seconds to responding authorities.  Lynx customer and technical support has been invaluable resource, always available to assist, and able to address and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.”

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Frank H. wrote: “Lynx computer-based panic alarm system has been and is 100% reliable-we stake our employees’ lives on it.  The system is easy to setup and use, and the tech support is always immediate.  A+ rating! ‘I honestly feel what I types.  Our IT engineers were the ones who picked up your program and transferred it over to us about 3 years ago.  Our engineers are geniuses.  Thank you for a phenomenal product and give your tech guys raises: they always have the solutions and their replies to my emails or phone calls really are immediate’.”  

Jason S. Walters of Dorchester County, SC, “Lynx provided a turnkey product with outstanding technical support to provide additional security for our facilities.  The system has been able to adapt to our growing needs.  The sales and engineering team continue to be extremely responsive to our request and offer innovative solutions.”

“We have our Lynx system installed in buildings all across the county.  The flexibility of the system allows me to notify my Police Chief and appropriate law enforcement personnel directly on their cell phones.  We also have a connecting at our 911 dispatch center that alerts dispatch to a possible emergency when a button is pressed.” Steven Henderson – City of Tifton, GA

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Lynx is used in every aspect of Government and every capability of the Lynx System has been deployed for Duress such as the F9-F11 Duress, USB Duress Buttons, PoE and Wireless.  Until recently, one reason for adding physical duress alarms was the fact that in many building there are State, County, and City employees on different networks, however, now that we have the Lynx Hosted solution this is no longer an issue to send or receive notification.  Often buildings have numerous Overhead PA systems and the idea you have to call over to alert everyone of an issue would be a huge time delay, with Lynx you can automate this process.  In court houses and other areas there may be a ned to initiate a lockdown-this can be done easily with the LynxIcons from mobile devices or desktops.  The LynxIcons are even used to open/close sally ports.