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Emergencies can strike a facility at any time.  Commercial facilities can generally decide who can and cannot come into their facility, however there is still a concern especially in the recent years which violent altercations occurring in the workplace between employees or possibly someone is about to be terminated.  Concerns for severe weather, lockdown and evacuation caused by issues outside of the control of the facility are other reason to improve emergency communication.  Have questions on how the Lynx Systems can help secure your Commercial facilities?  


“We’ve been using the Lynx Duress & Mass Notification System for about 6 years.  Aside from an actual incident at or near our location, it’s primary with my company is to provide alerts to staff regarding active assailant activity reported in our jurisdiction of Washington, DC.  To insure that we can provide instant information in the unfortunate event of an actual assault, we perform monthly systems tests.  I enjoy the flexibility and customization the system offers such as being able to distribute discreet alerts via SMS text messaging to registered mobile phones, staff email addresses as well as desktop announcements to both PC and Apple computers.  During our partnership with Lynx and Their customer support, they have continued to innovate and update our system to insure that we are confident and connected if an emergency arises.” John L. Arnold, American Chemical Society

Building a safer workspace

The ability with Lynx to enable key staff access to initiate alerts throughout a facility in a timely manner is critical.  Integration with existing or new Overhead PA system to verbally communicate information while at the same time overriding digital signage, notifying mobile phones and radios with the click of an icon from a phone or desktop or a strategically located button.  For facilities with multiple tenants the Hosted Lynx solution resolves the issue of multiple networks.

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