Mass Notification

In an emergency, it is critical to transmit information to your general population,  Lynx mass notification alarms can be pre-configured or include dynamic information added at the time of alarm activation.

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Mass Notification - Tornado Warning

LynxMessenger popup alerts can be sent to as many as 20,000 computers in seconds.


LynxIcon Alarm Activation Panels Notify:

  • Specific Groups
  • Individuals
  • Organization Wide

Text and Images may be added at Activation Multiple Messages may be Sent to Different Groups


LynxMessenger & LynxMessengerPro

LynxMessenger “Popup” alert function:

  • Individuals
  • Specific Groups
  • Facility-wide

Popups may include:

  • Images (JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF)
  • PDF, Excel and Word Files
  • IP Video Camera Feeds


  • Logged In
  • Logged Out
  • Locked

Alarm as it appears on recipient’s computer


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  • LynxApp push notifications can be sent to individual devices, or groups of devices
  • LynxIcon Panels allow Lynx alarms to be activated from your mobile device
  • Works anywhere in the world if your device is connected to a data network
  • Notifications are stored in a history log on the device
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and Chromebook