About Us

Our Mission

Our company strives to design and create technology solutions in this ever-changing world to protect public places and environments by effectively communicating precise messages quickly and efficiently.

Our Company

Micro Technology Services Inc. (MTSI), an engineering and manufacturing company located in Richardson, Texas, is a Texas corporation and has been in business since 1990.  The Security Products Division of MTSI has designed, developed and marketed Portable Duress and Video Products.  Marketing these products formed a natural progression in the development of the Lynx System in 2004.  As a member of several security organizations, IAHSS, IACLEA and ASIS to name a few, and exhibiting at their events, MTSI responded to many customers’ requests for an easier, more cost-effective way to install and operate duress and notification alarm systems.  Our customers explained that the two main reasons limiting the implementation of Duress Panic Buttons for their employees who needed them were the cost of installing conventional panic buttons, and the disruption required during installation, particularly in the healthcare industry.

Acting on the knowledge that most people in the healthcare and education fields are already near a PC on a reliable and robust network, MTSI developed a network-based solution that allowed both hardware and software alarms to communicate with a dedicated server installed on the customer’s already-existing local area network.  Utilizing our in-house engineering and manufacturing departments allows us to quickly develop application-specific hardware and software solutions to meet the market needs.

MTSI welcomes input from our customers and continually strives to improve the Lynx systems based upon our customers needs.

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