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Universities, colleges, school systems, sport complexes, and stadiums are faced with unique challenges when implementing a duress and mass notification system. In the event of an emergency, a large number of students, faculty, staff, and visitors need to be notified quickly and efficiently.  Some of the challenges they may face in deploying the system are budget constraints, poor cell reception and even difficulty wiring in historical buildings.  Also, installing Duress buttons in temporary classrooms are another area of concern, as well as Health Services dealing with student behavioral health issues.  All of these concerns can be resolved with the Lynx System. 


“The Lynx System is a very efficient and reliable way to make emergency notification to our campus.” Levi Risley, M.B.A. Chief of Police, Arkansas Colleges of Health Education

Ben Dumas of Athens State University. “Lynx Systems have been a great benefit to Athens State University.  Lynx provides in communication to move than 1600 Faculty, Staff, and Students.  From weather alerts to campus wide events, we at Athens State appreciate an easy to use tool to keep our University safe and informed.”

B Metcalf of a Large Community College in North Carolina wrote, ” My name of B Metcalf and I am the Lynx administrator of a large Community College in North Carolina.  We have been using Lynx as our duress signaling solution and emergency notification on screen pop up solution for many years now.  It has been a rock solid product and does everything we need it to do.  The technical support and response from Lynx is almost immediate and all technicians I have dealt with know the product and have diagnosed any issue quickly.  I would recommend this suite of software for any organization especially schools that need a solution for classroom, office security and site notification and signaling.” 

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Creating a safer campus

With the Lynx System Solution, every classroom can be equipped with a duress button, utilizing a computer keyboard to discreetly notify emergency personnel.  By utilizing a professor’s existing computer keyboard, the Lynx System becomes a very cost effective way to solve the issues at hand.  Being that, all Higher Education facilities are required to have a mass notification system, most have realized the need to add layers of communication. Two important factors extra layers are needed are poor cell coverage and accessibility to alerts.  Simply by adding an integration with campus safety radios is huge step in adding an extra layer of protection.  Also, the ability to communicate alerts to local law enforcement quickly, or simplifying multi-level lockdowns when you have 40 or more buildings, all can be accomplished with the Lynx System Solution.  Do you want to learn how the Lynx System can add security to your campuses or facilities?

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