Lynx is a network based duress and emergency notification system. Utilizing an extensive catalog of input and output devices, the Lynx system can maximize situational awareness for security, management, and the general population of your organization.

The Lynx system allows for extremely versatile alarm and notification configurations, such as many to one (e.g. providing computer based duress alarms for all employees that notify security) or one to many. (e.g. allowing managers to send notifications to all employees) A few examples of Lynx input devices are PC based keyboard duress, USB duress buttons, wireless locating duress buttons, hardwired inputs, and computer based icon panels. Popular output devices include pop-up notifications, audio messaging to existing radios and PA systems, HDMI output, VOIP, and SMS.

The Lynx Duress and Emergency Notification System uses TLS encryption for all network communication. All Lynx alarms are supervised and have monthly testing functionality. The PC Based Duress (F9+F11) or USB button can operate logged off or locked. The PoE Hardwired and 900MHz wireless duress alarms are also fully supervised and have testing capabilities. PC Popup Alert can operate when logged on, logged off, or locked. Lynx is manufactured and Supported in Richardson, Texas.