Lynx System features allow for use in a variety of applications

Cost Effective   The LynxGuide is supplied on a turnkey RAID server with a combination of 2000 Keyboard Panic Buttons and/or PC “Popups”.  First year's support is included (this includes software updates, technical support and more). 
Simplicity   The LynxGuide Server can simply be plugged in to your network, assigned an IP address and you are operational.
Broad Notification   The Notification is available via PC “Popup” alerts, Cell Phones, PDAs, Text or Numeric Pagers and there are no limits to the number of devices.
Instant Notification    “Popup” alerts to PCs in seconds, text messages to cell phone and text pager  in 3-30  seconds (depending on the service provider).
Specific “Popup” Alerts   The “Popup” alarms can be specific to the problem including instructions of what action is needed and provides recipients the correct information needed.
Link useful data to  “Popup” Alerts   Link images of the employee(s), floor plan or evacuation map, PDF documents of procedures, audible or verbal messages.  Link to the IP address of a camera or live website.
Verification of Alert Receipt  Alerts can be configured to allow recipient to respond with additional information or simply acknowledge the alerts and is also stored in ths Log Files.
Log Files   All alerts that occur are stored in the Log Files and can be accessed by authorized users. The Log Files can be grouped, sorted and exported to Microsoft Excel.
Easy Installation of PC Client Software   The PC Client software can either be loaded directly or remotely on the PC to receive alerts, in either case it is of minimal inconvenience unlike the install of a conventional alarm with cable runs, etc.
Coverage at multiple Locations  Alerts may be sent and received at multiple locations in your facility.


  • Corrections facilities
  • Campus Security and Call System
  • Parking Garage Security and Automation
  • Security Guard key logging
  • Motion detectors
  • Door contact
  • Egress systems
  • Marina Security Systems
  • Hospital Security
  • Mall Security Systems
  • Casino Security Systems
  • Court House Security
  • Museum Security
  • Tank Farm and Refinery Security

Retail Applications

  • Foot and Vehicle
  • Traffic counting
  • Administration alerts
  • Data management systems

Panic and Duress alarms

  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Mall Security
  • Retirement Homes
  • Office Building Security
  • Apartment Security Systems
  • Industrial Security, Monitoring, and Control

State and County

  • Courthouse Security
  • Emergency Broadcasts
  • Police/Fire/Ambulance
  • Evacuation alerts


  • Medical equipment alarms
  • Nurse Call systems
  • Infant security systems
  • Asset tracking systems
  • Freezer alarms
  • Nurse Call Systems