Facility-wide Duress and Emergency Notifications

All software or hardware Output devices for the Lynx system communicate with the LynxGuide server via your network. When any Lynx system Input device is activated, a small message is sent to the LynxGuide server. That message can then activate any of the Lynx system Output devices. The Lynx Duress and Emergency Notification System is fully TLS Encrypted.  All Lynx alarms are supervised and have monthly testing. The PC Based Duress F9-F11 or USB button can operate logged off or locked. The PoE Hardwired and 900MHz wireless duress alarms are also fully supervised with testing. The Encrypted Icons for emergency notification are easily distributed and managed. The PC Popup Alert can operate when logged on, logged off, or locked. Lynx has interfaces for facility radios, PA systems, HDMI Monitors, SIP Trunk, Text Messaging and more. Manufactured and Supported in Richardson, Texas.